You can archive a project in any given initiative. You do so by checking the Archive checkbox (located at the bottom left of the project details pane). Archiving a project removes all items and tasks that are related to that project from view.

Here is how you get to the project archive:

  • Click on the initiative settings,
  • Click on the projects link (will open the list of projects)
  • Click on the project code's number (white box to the right of the project code) which will open the project window
  • Click on the settings link (top left over project window)
  • Click to select the archive box
  • Click save

The project should now show in italic in the list and no longer be accessible unless the archive checkbox is removed and the change saved. Archiving a project will: 

  • Remove the project and all its related items and tasks from the Item & Tasks view and Board view.
  • Archived projects will still appear in the time sheet view if any time was entered against the archived project.
  • The work done and hours spent against the archived project will still count towards the user's allocation and work done in a given iteration.