Dependent Tasks can be used to indicate that a task cannot be worked on or completed until one or more dependent tasks have been completed. For example, Quality assurance of a new system component  (the main task in this context) cannot begin or be completed until the new component has been developed (the dependent task). For any Task, you can navigate to the Dependent Task page where you can select any item and task as dependents of the current task. For every dependent task you can specify whether an email notification should be sent to the person assigned to work on the dependent task when the current task been completed. The email is enabled by default, but you can choose to uncheck this notification for each dependent task. Dependent Tasks are limited to Tasks that belong to the same Initiative.

If a task is dependent on other items and tasks, a line below the task name will indicate the list of items the task depends on.

How to Access Dependent Tasks Page

You can access the Dependents Tasks feature from the Status menu.

Dependent Tasks Page

You can add more dependent tasks by using the search by task name feature. 

  • If Notify is checked the owner of the dependent task will be notified when the current task is completed
  • You can delete a dependent task at any time. Deletion only deletes the dependency and not the dependent task itself


Once a task is completed the person assigned to any dependent task is notified if Notify was checked for that dependent task.