When you sign up to Planbox Work for the very first time a new organization is created for you in an unlimited trial mode. You can add as many users as you like during the trial period. Once the trial is over you must choose one of the paid subscription plans.

You can own, manage and be a part of multiple organizations. We highly recommend that you plan and track all your work and project information in a single organization for reporting purposes - all dashboard/reporting features are limited to the data contained in a single organization. The best way to organize and structure your work is to create Initiatives. An Initiative is a collection of projects. You can create initiatives for internal projects that are not visible to any of your customers - you can also create initiatives that are shared with external parties including freelancers, consultants and customers (possibly as observers). Any old initiatives that are no longer used can be archived.

In certain special cases your company may decide to separate your work across two organizations, one used to track internal work and one to track external/customer engagements. Please contact Planbox support team to request the creation and addition of a new organization. Note that additional charges may apply for multiple organization configurations.