Creating Tasks

Once an item is created, it is added to the "Item List" (the list located on the left of your screen). 

You can breakdown an Item (also known as a User Story) into smaller deliverables called Tasks. Tasks can be assigned to collaborators. You can enter time against a Task (optional) and report on its status (such as in progress - completed).

To create tasks:

  1. Click on an Item (left side). The "item pane" will open up on the right side. 
  2. Use the "Create a new task" field to enter the name of your task.
  3. Click "Add"

Before adding the item, you may select who the task will be assigned to.

Please note: Defaults can be set for these parameters by click on the "Set as default" link in the parameter's drop down menu.

Optional Features

You can add more details to tasks by turning on features such as:

  • Roles
  • Time Estimate
  • Time Logging
  • Task description