Creating Items

  1. Select the initiative in which you want to add Items and Tasks
  2. Use the "Search or Create Item" field to enter the name of your new item, then click the "Add" button or press Enter on your keyboard
  3. Click "Add"

Optional: Before adding the item, you may select:

  • Which project the item goes in
  • The item's type
  • The item's importance

Please note: Defaults can be set for these parameters by click on the "Set as default" link in the parameter's drop down menu.

Item Attributes


Clicking on an item (in the list located on the left side of the screen) opens a pane on the right where you can view tasks and edit different item attributes such as:

  • Project (which project the item is part of)
  • Deadline
  • Points
  • Type
  • Importance
  • Business Value
  • Labels

Additional Item Content