To access Initiative Details:
  1. Go to the Initiative Settings page
  2. Click on "Details" in the left navigation menu

Initiative Details

  • Upload a picture for your initiative.
  • You may choose which organization the initiative is part of. Please note that you may only make the initiative part of organizations that you own or in which you have a "Manager" permission.
  • Name your initiative
  • Choose which time zone your team is using
  • Change an Initiative's sort order or archive it
An iteration is a time period during which you plan to accomplish a certain number of items. For example, you can set the iteration length to 7 days, and the next start date to be Monday. Planbox gives names to these iterations:
  • Last - The last one to have been moved to history (see below)
  • Current - The current iteration
  • Next (Future) - The one(s) coming up
When midnight hits on the last day of the Current iteration (Sunday in the above example), Planbox will move all items from Current to history in the Last iteration. Items which have not been started remain in the Current iteration. Items in the Next iteration are moved to the Current iteration. And if you have future iterations, they will be moved up in time accordingly as well.

So when you set these fields, here are some considerations:
  • You cannot change the start date of the Current iteration. It has already started. However by setting the start date of the Next iteration, you effectively change the end date of the Current.
  • Setting the iteration length applies to the next and all future iterations. You may change that in the future any time.
  • The move to history occurs at 23:30PM the last day of the current iteration. That is the time as set by the Time zone field.
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Archiving an Initiative

Change the Initiative's sort order (on the left menu). You can also archive an Initiative (archived Initiatives will not appear in the left menu).

Archiving an initiative 'pauses' iterations (puts them 'on hold'). This prevents empty iterations with no activity in them. The current iteration remains 'frozen' and the backlog can continue to be maintained If you un-archive the initiative iterations are reactivated. The current iteration is unfrozen and you will have to provide a suitable next iteration start date before reactivating the initiative.

To un-archive an Initiative click on Organization Settings (edit the Organization). The click on Initiatives where you can see all Initiatives. Select the Initiative and edit its settings.