Demo (18 mins) -

A quick walkthrough of Planbox's main features. In this video, we quickly explain Planbox's project structure and then show you around the application. During the demo, we create a fake initiative / project to show how to get started quickly with Planbox as a tool for agile project management.

4 Level Work Breakdown Structure -

A short overview of Planbox's project structure. 

With our unique 4 level structure, Planbox will adapt to any business type or environment. As such it is the perfect tool for all organizations that are looking for a simple and powerful agile project management tool.?

For more information please see Planbox Work Breakdown Structure.

Organizations in Planbox - 

How to setup an organization in Planbox, You'll see how you can invite and manage members as well as administer your organization plan.

Managing Feedback in Planbox -

How to link feedback tickets to items, create items from feedback tickets and work from feedback tickets.

Iteration Baseline -

How to baseline the current iteration and where to see the changes that have happened since.