Planbox uses an access token to authenticate calls to the API. The access token is retrieved by passing a username and password to the auth end-point, and is used to authenticate subsequent calls to the api. The token currently does not time out but this is subject to change.

?The recommended way of passing the access token is via basic authentication, using the token as the username, and any value as a password. It can also be passed as post parameter in format "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"?.

The old cookie based authentication system is still currently supported, but is deprecated, and will be removed in the future.

NOTE: For Third Party Integrations, you do not need to authenticate the user. Instead, you require an Initiative Token.

?Retrieves an access token for the user with a given username and password.

POST Arguments

  • email: Your email - the one you use to log into Planbox.
  • password: Your password.


Returns this JSON object:

{code: <result_code>, content: {access_token: <access_token> }}

Where <result_code> will be 'ok' on succes, or 'error' on failure.
Where <access_token> is the token. On failure, content will instead contain the error message.

Javascript Example:

$.post('', {
	email: "",
	password: "1234"
}, 'json');

Curl Example:

?$ curl -X POST

  "content": "Email or password is incorrect, please try again.",
  "code": "error",
  "redirect": "",
  "time": 1408544288

?$ curl -X POST \
           -d "" \
           -d "password=1234"

  "content": {"access_token": "239fab39b3a99c3671d0d123"},
  "code": "ok",
  "redirect": "",
  "time": 1408546829