In Planbox: Create an Issue from an Item

Once you have activate Github in Planbox, you can create issues from the GitHub tab in the item pane. You just need to select a Login and a Repository, and click on "Link to this Item".

The following logins will be visible:

  • Your GitHub login
  • Any Github organization to which you have been added as member
  • Any Github user who added you as a collaborator in a repository

The issue will be created with the following data:

  • Title: The item's name.
  • Description: The item's description.

You will then see the newly created issue in the item's issue list.

If an issue already exists, you can still link it to a Planbox Item. It is possible to do so by passing the issue URL into the "Issue URL" field.

Unlike in the case of creating a new issue, none of the issue information is changed, thus you don't need to worry about losing any data.

Please note that it is also possible to create a new item and link it to an issue directly from the GitHub website if you are using the browser plugin.

In GitHub: Create an Item from an Issue

With the Browser Plugin, you can easily create items from issues, as illustrated in this screenshot:

The created item will have the following attributes set:

  • iteration: current
  • type: feature
  • importance: nice to have
  • status: pending
  • name: name of the issue from which is was created
  • description: description of the issue from which was created

Once created, the item's information will be displayed on the issue page. It will be loaded each time you open it, and will only be available for people who have installed the extension.

You can also link issues to existing items by using an item's ID.