Planbox natively integrates with ZendeskSnapEngage, and GitHub. In addition, Planbox allows you to integrate with other Third Party applications.

If you are a Planbox user, you can grant Third Party API access to an initiative on the Initiative Settings page. Other applications can then create items in Planbox from their environments. They can even attach remote files via a URL.

If you are a Third Party, consult the Third Party API documentation on how to call Planbox. We also show some examples.

Third Party Items in Planbox

Any third party web application, mobile application, even desktop application can create items in Planbox by calling the API function third_party_create_story. Items created from a Third Party are marked with their source so you can quickly spot them. You can even see attachments created by the Third Party application.

Activating Third Party API

Third Party API can be turned on per initiative on the Initiative Settings page, in the Features section. Click on the Third Party APIcheckbox, to activate it. Once activated Planbox will accept POST events from Third Party applications.

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