You can clone a project as a copy in this or another initiative. You do so by clicking on the Clone this project link (located at the bottom left of the project details pane) . A dialog then appears asking you the new name and alias of the project. You can also choose the destination initiative. This is useful if you want to move a project from one initiative to another. You can clone and then delete the old one.

Cloning a project will:

  • Copy the entire project team. If you choose another initiative, all users will be invited to it, if not already. No email is sent.
    Note: Permissions at the initiative level are copied as well. Planbox will upgrade the permission if required. For example, if user Anthony has admin permission in the source initiative, that will be his permission in the destination initiative.
  • Copy all items along with their tasks, attachments and comments.
    Note: Only items in the Last, Current, Next and Backlog. Items in past iterations or future iterations are not copied.