The Initiative Settings page allows you to configure an initiative, its projects and manage its team members.

The Initiative Settings Page can be accessed by clicking on the "gear" icon that is located to the right of an initiative's name. Please note that you MUST be an admin (review how permissions work) on the initiative if you wish to access its Settings page.


  • Invite people to the initiative
  • See everyone who is member of the initiative as well as their permission level
  • Edit each member's: permission level, capacity and roles
  • See what projects people are members of


  • Invite people to the project
  • See everyone who is member of the project
  • Change permissions and make people worker or observer on the project
  • Decide whether or not someone will have assigned tasks in the project
  • Edit project details (select a project in the list and click the "Settings" button on top)
  • Clone a project (select a project in the list and click the "Settings" button on top)?


  • Move an initiative from one organization to another (if you are manager.)
  • Edit initiative details such as: image, name, description and time zone.
  • Specify when the next iteration starts, and how long it will last.


  • Create a new project
  • Create a template from the initiative
  • Export items and tasks to a CSV
  • Delete the initiative


  • Turn features on/off


  • Turn features on/off