In Planbox items are ordered by priority. You and your team mates share that order. If you move an item, it will be moved for your team mates as well. Planbox maintains the order or priority.

To sort items by a specific attribute, click on the Sort Pane (column headers) of the Items Board. Depending on the column, Planbox will sort items either in ascending or descending order, based on what makes more sense. Click on the column header again to sort in the reverse order.

Note that as you sort items, their order gets rearranged, but that view is only local and temporary. You are the only one who can see it. To make that sorted order as the new priority for your entire team, click on the Priority Header (#) at the extreme left of the Sorting Pane and select “Change Priority for Everyone”. To return to order of priority, cancel the sorting by selecting “Restore Priority”

IMPORTANT: Changing the new order of priority is not reversible.