Filter Items

You can apply filters to display only certain items on the Items Board. Click on the Filters drop-down menu to see the various filters. You may apply several filters at the same time. The Filter Menu may be hidden by going to the Actions menu (Choose: Hide Filtering).

Quick Filters allow you to personalize your view on the Items Board with only items assigned to you and/or to hide completed items. If My Work and Hide Completed Items are selected, only items with incomplete tasks will be shown. Typically you'll want to see your items and hide completed items. Hence you only see what's left to be worked on.

Other filters include:

Projects: filter items per individual projects
People: filter items per person they were assigned to
Roles: filter items per role they concern
Labels: filter items per labels you’ve created
Types: filter items per type
Status: filter items per status (Completed, Blocked, In Progress, Pending, Released, Accepted)
Importance: filter items per their level of importance

If a task is meant for a specific role but has not been assigned to anyone yet, applying the Role Filter and the People Filter to Not-Assigned will allow anyone with that role to pick up the unassigned task.