The Items & Tasks page is where you spend 90% of your time when in Planbox. 

In the left navigation menu, you choose the initiative that you'd like to see. This sets the context of everything you see on this page to the chosen initiative.The page is separated in two sections. 

Item Board (left)

This section contains a list of items. They are organized by iteration, each with its own tab. When you select an iteration tab, the Iteration Board is updated to reflect information about that iteration.{{ 

Iteration Board (right)

The Iteration Board consists of tiles giving you key information on the selected iteration within the initiative that you are working on. For more information, visit this page.

Items Details and Tasks (right - when item selected)

When an item is selected in the list (left). The pane on the right slides open. Details on Item details and tasks can be found here and here.