Planbox makes it easy for you to capture user feedback and link them to items. During development, you have easy access to user feedback and votes. Once the feature is released, you can send emails to those interested users. This allows you to close the feedback loop.

For example as show below, the item "Filter by importance" has two user feedback. You always know who those users are and can contact them for further information. Or when the item is completed and pushed to production, you can contact those users to let them know.

Feedback can be captured in a number of ways:
  1. Through the User Feedback widget.
  2. Through integrations with applications like UserVoice SnapEnage live chat.
  3. Through the Planbox REST API. You can create your own widget or gather user feedback from to another tool.
  4. Manually on behalf of another user.

Planbox shows you the captured feedback in a Feedback tile in your Iteration Board on the Items & Tasks page. Click on the Feedback tile to open it. You then get a list of all captured user feedback. When new feedback arrives, it gets added to the top of the list.

In the event that you get feedback in other ways such as over the phone or in person, you can manually add feedback on behalf of the user. Click on Add feedback in the Feedback Tile. You will be able to enter the user's email and feedback. No email will get sent to that user. However you will have his or her feedback on file.

Once captured, you can use User Feedback to drive your development decisions. You can:

  • Create an item from the user feedback.
  • Link the user feedback to an existing item.
  • Delete the user feedback.

If you have linked the user feedback to an item, deleting it from this list will not delete it from the item.