In Planbox: Creating an Item from a Zendesk Ticket

  1. Activate the Zendesk integration (Initiative Settings > Integrations section)
  2. Click on "Actions"
  3. Select “Create item from Zendesk ticket”
  4. Enter the appropriate Zendesk ticket number.

An item created from a Zendesk ticket will be differentiated as follow:

  • The item will be marked with with a gray Zendesk label containing the ticket number.
  • The item Description tab will be filled with a summary of the ticket.
  • Files attached to the ticket in Zendesk will be copied into the Planbox item’s Files tab. To retrieve files from Zendesk that were added after the Planbox item creation, refresh the files lists in the Files tab with the “pull from Zendesk” link.
  • If the Zendesk ticket’s type is set as "Task", and contains a due date, the associated Planbox item will have the same due date.
  • The name of the Planbox item and its first task will be the same as its Zendesk ticket’s subject.

In Planbox: Syncing Zendesk File Attachments

When a Planbox item is created from a Zendesk ticket, any attached file is automatically linked in Planbox under the item’s Files tab.

If new file attachments get added to your Zendesk ticket, refresh the files list in the Planbox item by click on the link Pull from Zendesk.

In Planbox: Changing Zendesk Ticket Statuses

From its linked Planbox item, ticket statuses in Zendesk can be updated. For any item linked to a ticket, click its status icon and select the option “Zendesk” in the Status column of the Items Panel to submit the ticket as open, pending or resolved.

The Zendesk ticket’s status is independent of the Planbox item’s status. For example, if you wish to mark all released Planbox items as resolved Zendesk tickets, you will need to perform two separate steps: 1) set the item’s status as “released” in Planbox, and 2) submit the ticket as “resolved” in the Zendesk option for it to affect the status inside Zendesk.

Whenever you change a Zendesk ticket’s status from its linked item in Planbox, you can also add a public reply or an internal note, as you would be able to do in Zendesk. A public reply is a comment that is sent to the ticket requester. An internal note is a comment visible only to your Zendesk agents.

In Zendesk: Using the Planbox App

When you are on a ticket page, the Planbox app appears in the right panel. First, you must link your Zendesk to a Planbox initiative with an API token. You obtained this token from Planbox on the Settings page when you activated Zendesk Integration.

With this token and your e-mail address (it must be the same one you use in Zendesk), Planbox is able to identify you.

In any Zendesk ticket page, expand the Apps panel on the right to access Planbox. You can create an item in Planbox from your Zendesk ticket, and attribute it to any project you have access to inside the Planbox initiative linked to your Zendesk. You will also need to select an iteration of the initiative in which you would like to create your item.

Once a Zendesk ticket has been linked to a Planbox item, the Planbox app panel inside Zendesk will display updated information about the Planbox item. Every time the app panel is opened, the information will be reloaded. Clicking the item number in the app panel will open the item inside Planbox in another window in your browser.