In Planbox: Activating the Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk integration can be turned on per initiative.

You will need to change settings in Planbox and Zendesk

  1. Navigate to the Initiative Settings page
  2. Select "Integrations" from the left menu
  3. In the Zendesk section, check the box "Link Zendesk tickets to items"
  4. Once activated you must click "Setup" 
  5. Enter your Zendesk URL and Zendesk login credentials.

Please Note: To create planbox items from within Zendesk, the email you use to log into Zendesk needs to be the email of someone that is a member of the initiative

In the setup, you may also choose to assign the tasks in all items created from Zendesk by default to:

  • The person who created the ticket from Zendesk (by default)
  • Another team member in the initiative
  • Nobody (leaving the item unassigned when it’s created)

To find your items created from Zendesk more easily in Planbox, you may also attribute a default label to the items as they are created. For example, if you apply the label “Zendesk” to these items, later, you may apply a filter per this label in the Items Panel to display only items created from Zendesk tickets.

In Zendesk: Installing Planbox from the Zendesk Apps Directory

To use Planbox inside Zendesk, you must get a Planbox initiative’s API token:

  1. Log into your Planbox account at
  2. Find your Initiative Token and copy it
  3. Log into Zendesk
  4. Browse the Apps Directory and install Planbox - the apps directory located in the Settings section (Settings Cog).

Please note: If you are using custom fields in Zendesk, you cannot mark them as required. The Planbox / Zendesk integration does not support required custom fields. 

Fill in the following fields:

  • Title: Leave it as “Planbox”, or name it after your initiative in Planbox.
  • Initiative API token: Paste the API token you’ve copied from the Planbox Settings Page.