Here's a practical guide that will help you get going with Planbox Work in a few easy steps.

Step 1 - Work Structure

Planbox Work is maintains a 4 level structure: Initiatives, Projects, Items and Tasks. To learn more about the Planbox work structure, please refer to the following articles:

Step 2 - Tutorial

The tutorial will give you hands-on experience and will get you acquainted with Planbox Work.

Here is how you can access your very-own personalized tutorial:

Login to the Planbox you created (if you don’t remember your password, it can be recovered here)

- An organization is created automatically when you create your Planbox account. This organization includes an initiative called “Planbox Tutorial”. Click on it.

- You are now in the Planbox Tutorial’s “Items & Tasks” page. Simply read through the list of items and follow instructions.

Step 3 - Create your First Initiative and Projects

It's now time to create your own Initiative and projects!

- From the left navigation, click on:

- Complete the form to give your initiative a name, add projects. Remember that the initiative will be created in the organization that is selected at the time.

- If it is the very first time you use Planbox Work you may also be prompted to invite at least one person as a collaborator on your initiative.

- Click here for more information on how to create initiatives.

Step 4 - Invite Collaborators

Invite anyone you would like to collaborate with. See: Invite Members to Initiatives

Step 5 - Plan and Assign Work

It's now time to create work Items and Tasks, and assign them to people.

a) See Items

a) See: Creating Tasks
b) See: Assigning Tasks

Step 6 - Start Working

Now that work has been planned and assigned all your team members can start collaborating and working!.

For Further Assistance ...


- Visit our Support Portal

- Email us: