This section describes the application programming interface (API) available in Planbox. Planbox offers a REST API over HTTP. In addition, a subset of the Planbox API is also wrapped in a Javascript library. The User Feedback widget uses this API for example.

The Planbox API was built to serve two different use cases:

  • Integrate Planbox in your Workflow: You use Planbox in your company or to manage your project. You want to get more out of Planbox. For example you to to create your own dashboard, or extract custom reports.
  • Third Party Integrations: You are another Web Application. You want your users to share data between Planbox and your application.

Have a look a the open source community on GitHub. There you'll find cool projects. We invite you to contribute to those or create your own!

Also, as part of an effort to better communicate changes and improvements that we make to the Planbox API, we created this Google Group.

If you are using the Planbox API, please make sure to join the group and subscribe to email updates. This will insure that you get the latest information regarding our Planbox API.

If you'd like to submit ideas or feature requests, you can do that here.

Integrate Planbox in your Workflow

If you have a Planbox account, you automatically have access to the Planbox API. Here are typical use cases for accessing the API:

  • Fetch or modify data objects.
  • Extract data from Planbox to create your custom charts and report or dashboard.
  • Synchronize Planbox items with your in-house issue tracker.

API access requires you to be authenticated. Read more on authentication here.

About the API
The Planbox API is the same one used by the Planbox user interface. In theory, you could build your own user interface using the Planbox engine. However at this moment, not all calls are published. We are in the midst of releasing new calls based user requests. Don't hesiste to click on the Feedback tab and let us know. Or write to use at

Third Party Integration

If you are a third party web service, you can share data between Planbox and your application. Planbox has a dedicated Third Party Integration API for that.

Calls made to that API requires an Initiative Token and a User Email. Those must be provided by the end user wanting to link Planbox to your application. Typically, you would capture that information through a form like this:

The Initiative Token can be found on the Initiative Settings Page.